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Emulator class has two Interval properties


The base Emulator class defines a virtual, read-only Interval property, which defaults to one second. This property allows derived classes to override the interval, thus adjusting the emulation precision.
However, the Emulator class doesn't actually use the Interval property. Instead, it uses another property named EmulationInterval, but this property is not virtual, so it can't be overridden in derived types. This property is writable, but due to a small typo, setting the property will actually cause a stack overflow due to an infinite loop.
I recommend that we get rid of one of these two properties, as they are apparently duplicates. Personally, I suggest that we delete the EmulationInterval property and use the Interval property instead, since it is protected and read-only, which seems like the appropriate definition for a property that should really only be exposed to derived types.
Closed Aug 25, 2009 at 4:58 PM by BigstickCarpet
I meant to create this issue for the GPS.Net project, not the GeoFramework project